More Fact Findings About Fiber
According to Diabetes Research & Clinical Practice, most doctors recommend that people with diabetes to
reduce the amount of sugar eaten in snacks and processed foods, and replace these food with high-fiber,
whole foods. This tends to lower the glycemic index of the overall diet and has the additional benefit of
increasing vitamin, mineral, and fiber intake. Other authorities also recommend lowering the glycemic index of
the diet to improve the control of diabetes.

A high-fiber diet has been shown to work better in controlling diabetes than the diet recommended by the
ADA, and may control blood sugar levels as well as oral diabetes drugs. In this study, the increase in dietary
fiber was accomplished exclusively by eating foods naturally high in fiber to a level beyond that recommended
by the ADA. No fiber supplements were given. All participants received both the ADA diet (providing 24 grams
of fiber per day) and the high-fiber diet (providing 50 grams of fiber per day) for a period of six weeks. After
six weeks of following each diet, tests were performed to determine blood glucose, insulin, cholesterol,
triglyceride, and other values. When glucose levels were monitored over a 24-hour period, participants
eating the high-fiber diet had an average glucose level that was 10% lower than participants eating the ADA
diet. Insulin levels were 12% lower in the group eating the high-fiber diet compared to the group eating the
ADA diet, indicating a beneficial increase in the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Moreover, people eating the high-
fiber diet experienced significant reductions in total cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
compared with those eating the ADA diet.
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All About Fiber
Did you know that fiber offers all kinds of nutritional benefits.  According to National Health and Nutrition
Examination Survey - 1999-2000, 9 out of every 10 Americans don't eat enough of it.  Do you?

Fiber can help:
  • Promote heart health
  • Manage blood glucose levels in people with diabetes
  • Maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Assist with weight management goals

Let's talk about the weight management.  When people focus on weight management, they usually only
think about calories and fat.  But what about fiber?  It should be the real focus of your diet.  Diets high in
fiber may aid weight loss.  That's because foods that are high in fiber take longer to digest and may help you
feel full.  Princess Delights All Natural No Processed Sugar or Salt Breads are high in fiber.  High-fiber foods
also provide bulk, which may help you feel satisfied.


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