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By Mabel Suen                                          Mon., Nov. 28 2011 at 1:30 PM
Categories: Desserts & Sweets
If Gut Check told you that a baked good
existed in the world that had no sugar, salt,
butter, artificial flavors or additional processed
ingredients and still tasted delightful, would
you believe it? Well, free-thinking friends,
meet Princess Ezenwa and her company
Princess Delights Bakery, which offers gourmet
specialty breads that are 100% all natural,
100% whole wheat and bran, and lack all the
ingredients which have gained a bad
reputation for health's sake.

Ezenwa grew up working for her father's bakery
in Nigeria, which sold whole wheat and
enriched breads, learning about daily
operations from the get-go. Her mother also
led a confectionary under the same company
for cookies and cakes.

"The Silas Bread is something out of this
world," says Ezenwa. "The recipes for my
father's breads are totally different from
American breads, and his motto always stuck
with me -- 'First, And Still The Best.' After
learning from him, I wanted to do something

How can a baked good with no sugar taste
good? Ezenwa's breads ($6 each) come in the
following flavors: apricot nut, banana nut,
cranberry orange, flaxseed carrot pineapple,
lemon blueberry, lemon poppy seed, maple
applesauce, strawberry, zucchini, chocolate
zucchini and her younger daughter Nneka's
personal favorite, pumpkin cheese. With such
powerful flavorful profiles, the breads become
sweetened naturally by high quality, fresh
ingredients as well as plant extracts.

Ezenwa started her business in 2003 and has
been perfecting her recipes and doing test
marketing ever since. These days, her baking
is still strongly rooted in her family, with her
children being a large influence and driving
force for her company. Outside of simply
being diet-conscious, gluten-free and vegan
versions are available for special needs.

"When I go into the kitchen, I know that
everything that I create will come out just the
way I want it to," says Ezenwa, who works from
memory rather than recipes.

Princess Delight breads are baked fresh at the
Begin Center and are available at the          
Women's Exchange of Clayton (9214 Clayton
Road; 314-997-4411), Sappington Farmers'
Market (8400 Watson Road; 314-843-7848)
and through special order on the Princess
Delights web site.
Princess Delights Offers
100% Guilt-Free Baked Goods
Princess Delights   is a Manufacturing Company located in Saint Louis,
Missouri that produces All Natural Breads that are not only good for
You but taste so good too!

My family and I were at the Kirkwood Farmers Market during the Fall
Festival Holidays and came across Princess and her homemade baked
breads!  We purchased several different breads and enjoyed everyone
of them!

Princess is her real name and making phenomenal homemade baked
breads is truly her love and passion! She is definitely a Shooting
Star!                                                 .....Dr. Stacey
Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell-Krockenberger is a contemporary
Master Healer specializing in Spirituality. She is a
Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture.  She is a
licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki
Master, and Licensed & Certified Heal Your Life®
Workshop Teacher, and Licensed & Certified Heal  
Your Life® Professional Life Coach & Business Coach.
A Shooting Star
By: Dr. Stacey Maxwell-Krockenberger
Photo By: Mabel Suen

~ 100% Whole Wheat
~ Gluten-Free
~ Vegan

Princess Delights
"Guilt-Free" Bakery
Soulard Farmers Market
730 Carroll Street
St. Louis, MO 63104

Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3:00p.m.

100% Whole Wheat and Vegan:

Women's Exchange of St. Louis
9214 Clayton Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63124
(314) 997-4411

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Our Products Are Great For The Environment
100% All Natural
100% No Processed Sugar Added
100% No Salt Added
100% Whole Wheat & Grain AND More Choices
100% No Butter Added
No Artificial Flavor
No Artificial Ingredients
No Trans Fat, Cholesterol FREE
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